Tuesday, April 27, 2004


College campuses are hotbeds of radical, liberal thought -- right? A student at Indiana University (my alma mater) was assigned a task to write a paper. Here is his response:

I am currently taking a class called Y200: Election 2004. One assignment we had in the class was to write a paper outlining the election (or reelection) strategy for any of the candidates in the upcoming election. The following is an excerpt from my paper that I think summarizes quite well the reasons John Kerry should not be elected:

There are five basic reasons why John Kerry should not be elected President and why Bush should be chosen instead.

1. John Kerry is ranked as the most liberal senator in the senate by National Journal. Therefore he will be completely out of touch with mainstream America, which is not nearly as liberal as the Senator.

2. John Kerry is a “flip-flopper”. He takes positions on issues and then switches them when it becomes politically popular. As a result, he has no real convictions and would not make a good president.

3. John Kerry is weak on national security. In the dangerous new world we live in, Americans cannot trust John Kerry to protect them against all the threats poised against America.

4. Kerry will raise taxes and also proposes massive amounts of new spending. At a time when the United States is finally seeing significant growth in jobs and the general stimulation of the economy, raising taxes or proposing massive amounts of new spending will go a long way towards ruining the economic prosperity that the Bush administration has helped to create.

5. John Kerry is more anti-Bush than he is pro-issues. He is, just as Howard Dean was (although admittedly, Kerry is not as ferocious as Dean was), the culmination of the entire liberal animus towards the president, and typically chooses to attack Bush rather than promote actual tangible policies. We need a debate about issues and not personalities. President Bush is ready to engage in this debate, but John F. Kerry is not.

These points are all footnoted.


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