Wednesday, April 21, 2004


I don't always get some of what Daniel Pipes writes. He an incredibly well-versed guy on mid east issues, though, so I read what he writes. Today, he writes about a subject that's been front page for weeks -- Israel's targeting of Hamas leadership (do they implant a GPS chip in these guys to track them, or what?).

This targeting is central to Israel's strategy of making all Palestinians realize that the targeting of Israelis by terrorists will be met with swift retribution. Pipes details the economic disaster this has created for the Palestinians. In effect, though they blame the Israelis, the Palestinians are holding themselves hostage.

Pipes ends his column with:

In this context, rapidly eliminating two Hamas chieftains in a row deepens Palestinian perceptions that Israel's will to defend itself is strong, its military arm long, and that terrorism is tactically wrong. Perhaps more Palestinians will realize the time has come to accept the existence of the Jewish state.


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