Tuesday, April 27, 2004


John Podhoretz makes some valid points in his New York Post op-ed peice. They all deal with the fact that Kerry continues to play a weak defense and an offensive that's, well, a non-starter.

I tend to agree with J-Pod on this one. Were I an ardent supporter of Kerry, I'd want him to start sounding presidential right about now. I'd want him to step up to center stage and say "medals, schmedals, this election is about the issues facing the country and here's my '10 point plan' for the security of American, the creation of jobs and re-invigorating the US Dollar."

But that ain't happening. Kerry is spending a lot of energy getting sucked into the negatives (proving he is a "muy macho" guy). It seems to me the Republican tactics are an artful form of bear baiting -- toss out enough negatives to keep Kerry on defense, where he is weak. And occasionally pause to allow Kerry to try to go on the offense -- where he is weakest.

Podhoretz closes with:

Events over the past week suggest that Bush may win a substantial victory in November, and for this reason alone: Kerry's performance may seriously depress Democratic turnout. Or drive Democrats to vote for Ralph Nader, just as George Bush the Elder's performance in 1992 drove millions of Republicans to vote for Ross Perot.

He may be right. Nader's numbers look impressive. He has the Dems upset and could (in a close voting scenario like 2000) suck enough votes from those who would otherwise support Kerry to ensure a Bush victory.


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