Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Nope, didn't watch Bush last night. I honestly didn't want to. I was hoping he would say what he apparently said, but I was afraid he would muff it. I just didn't want to get frustrated. So, with my apologies to him for doubting his prowess at explaning our position in Iraq, it does appear he aquitted himself well. My scan of the news sources often hostile to him only detected one veiled criticism (from CNN) where they closed their piece with "Bush has held fewer formal news conferences than any president in modern history, but he takes reporters' questions in more informal settings throughout the year".

(The one question which apparently caught him by surprise was when he was asked whether he'd made any mistakes while President and he couldn't name one. If I were him, I would have quickly said:

"Well, there is one big one. We should have invaded Iraq sooner. Given what we now know it was a waste of time to wait while the UN was searching for weapons that they would have never found, and that costly delay resulted in the loss of many Iraqi lives at the hands of a brutal dictator. To the families of those Iraqis who were killed, tortured or maimed during this period of our indecision, I apologize. Next question?")

So, is this the beginning of the Bush Campaign, with a solid, well-articulated message about the future? I sure hope so.


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