Friday, April 09, 2004


Spent a few days in North Carolina. Missed wasting a lot of time blogging about whatever nonsense is going on in Iraq the past week.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's important, but what's more important is what will be going on in Iraq next April, not today.

For more on this subject, tune in to WVDH, the channel available to the right >>>

Also, read Frontpage's interview with Prof. Hanson. A sample:

A final example: the President has raised domestic spending by 8% per annum, lavished funds on health care and education, offered near amnesty to illegal immigrants from Mexico, appointed a plethora of minority judges, cabinet officials, and administrators, and committed more AIDs relief funds than all prior administrations put together-and is still hated by our Left, simply because his demeanor, accent, religion, and even appearance don't validate the aristocratic Left's rhetoric about sex, class, gender, and the other. It really is a make-believe world in which a Barbra Streisand, Gore Vidal, or Arianna Huffington cheaply sound off from their estates about some purported cosmic evil fostered by poor deluded Americans hooked on K-Mart and NASCAR.


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