Friday, March 19, 2004


Face it, at some point before, on, or after 9/11 you asked yourself that question. What level of hate leads someone to choose to die as a means to kill many, many others? And please don't talk about the 72 virgins thing. I don't for a minute believe that's the sole motivation. When you look in the eyes of the Palestinians who videotape themselves just before they vaporize a busload of Jews, you don't see a person enraptured or joyful at what's about to happen. You see a person with emptiness in their eyes, not happiness.

Thomas Sowell took a stab at answering this question in his column. It repeats a thesis which many have repeated since the "middle east problem" became front of mind for many of us in 2000 when the Hamas-driven intifada resumed.

The core issue is the economic failure of Arab Muslim cultures. It resonates with me but the failure will continue (as will terrorism) until those cultures put the past behind them, admit their "failure" and move forward. I honestly don't see that happening anytime soon.


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