Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Who made it? The Spaniards.

When al Qaeda orchestrated 9/11, they would have probably considered it a victory if they would have just crashed all four planes, but to take out the World Trade towers and make a major dent in the Pentagon was a stroke of fortune for them. But then the shit storm hit in Afghanistan. And then in Iraq. And there haven't been any other major attempts (that have been made public) against the US.

Fast forward 911 days, they kill 200 Spaniards (probably about what they hoped for), but this time they take down the Spanish government . A major victory. Even liberal US media have run editorials and cartoons saying this is a major victory for al Qaeda. And when they have victories (llike the bombings against US targets during the Clinton years), they keep on going.

Fortunately for other European leaders none are up for re-election for at least another year, so none are at risk of being deposed by al Qaeda, but that doesn't mean there won't be other attacks. In fact, the success of the Madrid attack will only give them hope for the future.

If the new Spanish president follows through on his promise, no European will sleep safer.


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