Thursday, March 25, 2004


Thomas Sowell is a common-sense economist. He isn't particularly well-liked by African-Americans (though he is African-American) because he is politically conservative. Years ago, I'd guess he'd get labeled as an "Uncle Tom". But if you read what he writes, you'd have to ask why he isn't more admired by those who might so label him.

A sampling of what he writes about in his post today, which it titled (appropriately) "Random Thoughts":

The fraudulence of the left's concern about poverty is exposed by their utter lack of interest in ways of increasing the nation's wealth. Wealth is the only thing that can cure poverty. The reason there is less poverty today is not because the poor got a bigger slice of the pie but because the whole pie got a lot bigger -- no thanks to the left.

Of course, logic like that is foreign to the likes of Teddy Kennedy, spiritual advisor and mentor to John Kerry. Guys like Teddy and John never had to work in the real world, never had the chance to build a business, hire and train people to become productive citizens. Never learned what it's like to actually see wealth being created for many people who actually earned that wealth, each feeling a sense of tremendous accomplishment.

Maybe this election campaign will provide us with another Reagan moment, when the majority pounds yet another nail in the coffin of the left/liberal/socialist/sometimes communist point of view that wealth is a zero-sum game -- the idea that the only reason there is poverty is because there are wealthy people in the world who have "stolen" that wealth from the poor.

The simplistic solution has always been to play Robin Hood. But haven't we tried that (and failed miserably)?


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