Thursday, February 12, 2004


Wretchard (Belmont Club) has written a number of scary, but all too real posts about the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Click on his link to the right and just read. It seems very clear to me that everyone's worst nightmare (the "suitcase" or "car" nuke) is completely possible and increasingly probable.

What would the US do if it were attacked with a small nuke? Some have said that, since it would be a 100% certainty any such attack would come from Islamists, we should do the following, and do it now:

1. Publicly announce that any attack using a nuclear device on the US or US interests would be considered as an attack by the countries who directly or indirectly supported the group responsible for the attack.

2. Any such attack would be met with an attack in kind. Translation: if Saudi money financed it, you can kiss Riyadh goodbye.

3. All Muslim countries would be "encouraged" to devote all their resources to uncover al Qaeda cells, training camps and any links from their own nuclear efforts to the terrorists. Otherwise, they would be considered hostile and any attack on the US would be considered an attack by them (see item #2 above).

What else could we do?


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