Thursday, February 12, 2004


This may not play well in the union halls, but it is (my opinion) Bush's single greatest vulnerability. It isn't Iraq (at least not directly). It isn't "the economy" (at least not directly).

It's the budget. The Cato Institute (a/k/a, Libertarian think tank) has some interesting charts & graphs for those who care to investigate.

The only way the Dems have attacked it (so far) is to say the tax reduction was a mistake and should be reversed. For them to say increasing spending is a bad idea would be like Bush coming out for a law promoting gay marriage. But if they choose to make it an issue and develop a well-crafted argument -- something like, "with the increases in spending proposed by the President, we will be faced with two unpleasant alternatives: dramatically increase the federal deficit and risk ruinous inflation, or dramatically increase federal income taxes. You have the opportunity in November to decide which you prefer" -- Bush is vulnerable on this one.


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