Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Tony Blankley reports today about a book, "Surprise, Security, and the American Experience", that will be released in March. The author is John Lewis Gaddis, professor of military and naval history at Yale University.

Quoting Blankley:

The Boston Globe describes Mr. Gaddis as "the dean of Cold War studies and one of the nation's most eminent diplomatic historians." In other words, this is not some put-up job by an obscure right-wing author. This comes from the pinnacle of the liberal Ivy League academic establishment.

If you hate George W. Bush, you will hate this Boston Globe story because it makes a strong case that Mr. Bush stands in a select category with presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and James Monroe (as guided by his secretary of state, John Q. Adams) in implementing one of only three grand strategies of American foreign policy in our two-century history.

Wow. Guess I've got to order a copy.


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