Thursday, December 18, 2003


I think the Dems are in meltdown mode. Only Joe Lieberman had a coherent response to the capture of Saddam. And I really loved Howard Dean's comment that I saw on TV -- "the President deserves this day" (emphasis mine). As though the the capture of Saddam was no longer something Bush could claim credit for the day after. (Remember, it was Dean who said he "supposed" the deaths of Uday and Qusai were a "good thing".)

But get a load of this one. Madeline Albright (you remember Maddy, Clinton's SecState?) suggested that we have Osama in custody already, but won't make it public until just before the election. It was supposed to be a joke. Very frickin' funny.

What is it? Doesn't any Democrat other than Joe Lieberman root for America anymore? They are so blinded by their hatred of Bush, and especially anything that could be viewed as a Bush success, that anything that's good for Bush must therefore be bad. Even if it's good for America.


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