Tuesday, December 02, 2003


That was embarrassing. I heard the reporter ask him that question and I wish he would've said, "because ignorant fuckwits like you want to see me fail, want to see America fail and want Israel to be turned into a territory occupied by the Palestinians". But he didn't.

It does raise a simple question. I've lived through every Republican President since Eisenhower and can't remember such vitriol as we hear now. On one level it's scary because it seems to be as visceral as the hate Islamists express toward anything American.

Adam Wolfson does a decent job of triangulating the problem in his column yesterday. His core thesis:

Almost all modern liberal thought begins with the bedrock assumption that humans are basically good. Within this moral horizon something such as terrorism cannot really exist, except as a manifestation of injustice, or unfairness, or lack of decent social services. Whether knowingly or not Bush has directly challenged this core liberal belief — and for this he is not easily forgiven.

It seems to me to be a benign version of the mideast cliche "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". In this tortured logic, al Qaida and the Taliban are more closely aligned to the American left than the American left is aligned with its President. Not far from the truth.


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