Wednesday, December 03, 2003


An astute blogger, Tacitus, has posed a seven-question test for anyone. It's simple.

The premise is: you're in charge, the President, the guy in control of Iraq. What is your answer to the following questions:

1) What is your primary value with regard to Iraq? Secondary?
2) What sort of state and society do you prefer in Iraq if you leave?
3) What are you unwilling to do to achieve goals 1 and 2?
4) What immediate action would you take upon assumption of command?
5) What long-term action would you take?
6) At what point would you declare your plan a failure?
7) How much time are you willing to allot to your occupation?

I think these are wonderful questions that should be put to every Presidential candidate, no matter what party. No dodging, no spinning, you gotta provide your answers in writing.

And you can't make reference to anything being done today. Provide us your ideas -- you can't criticize anyone else's.

Worthwhile exercise? I think so.


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