Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Victor Davis Hanson's post today ("The Western Disease") is a zinger, a spear aimed directly at the intellectual elitists whom he indirectly blames for the jihad started by al Qaeda, culminating in 9/11. He says:

It was the genius of bin Laden, after all, that he suspected after he had incinerated 3,000 Westerners an elite would be more likely to blame itself for the calamity — searching for “root causes” than marshalling its legions to defeat a tribe that embraced theocracy, autocracy, gender apartheid, polygamy, anti-Semitism, and religious intolerance. And why not after Lebanon, the first World Trade Center bombing, the embassies in Africa, murder in Saudi Arabia, and the USS Cole? It was the folly of bin Laden only that he assumed the United States was as far gone as Europe and that a minority of its ashamed elites had completely assumed control of American political, cultural, and spiritual life.

He capsulizes my belief that our failure to do anything meaningful against the Islamo-fascists before 9/11 made it inevitable. Any belief now that "diplomacy" could have prevented it is a rationalized fantasy by people who, in Prof. Hanson's words, are "the richest, most leisured people in the history of civilization (who) have become self-absorbed, ungracious, and completely divorced from the natural world."


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