Wednesday, December 31, 2003


You know . . . "no WMD, no link to al Qaeda, no WMD, no link to al Qaeda". The "mainstream" media have been loath to print anything that hints at what has already been uncovered about Saddam's WMD development programs and the growing spider web of connections between the Iraqis and al Qaeda.

Who knows whether it was the capture of Saddam, the slowdown in the number of US casualties or a slow news day, but even CNN is now beginning to report what's actually being found over there. That's right . . . they found evidence of al Qaeda literature and videos in an Iraqi weapons cache.

Given the stranglehold that Saddam had on that country, can you envision a scenario where that could happen without the knowledge and cooperation of him and his minions?

Of course, the left-wing conspiracy theorists will brush this one off, saying it was planted by the CIA.


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