Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Not everyone likes Christpher Hitchens. Pick a reason: he's British, he used to be a flaming Liberal, he's now mostly a conservative, but he doesn't always talk like a conservative, he thinks Bob Hope had zero talent and why did everyone weep so much at his death?, etc., etc. Hitch has his contradictory moments.

This article in Slate last week is his most recent and paints a picture of the world pre and post-9/11, focusing on the caving of Qaddafi and the Iranian open-door to nuclear inspections as the first positive dominoes to fall post-Iraq. As he says:

Not to end on too festive or seasonal a note, but the disarming of three rogue regimes in under one year isn't bad. If Howard Dean really believes that we are no safer than we were on Sept. 11 (and I presume he can't literally mean that the removal of the Taliban made no difference), then it's time he said what he would have done differently.


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