Friday, October 10, 2003


Busy day today, so this will be the only post.

More and more, I am not even listening to news these days. I am sick and tired of the "one a day" stories, about "today's death in Baghdad", about how "there are thousands of Arab youth waiting their turn at martyrdom".

I'm still waiting to hear what's really going on in Iraq. Do the toilets flush? Can you buy any food you want at the grocery? Are you going to work each day? Did you buy a newspaper this morning? What was on television last night? How are the kids doing in school?

And I'm really pissed at the stories that are being told by those who are now returning who are mystified when they hear the "reporting" of what's going on. The story they tell is far different from what is reported. It was a lot better when reporters were embedded. They didn't have a choice. They had to report what they actually saw. They couldn't glean bits and pieces from "sources" and then file a story that fit their view of the world. They had to show us pictures, and the pictures told the story. It was "real time" and fairly unflitered. Now it's more like "reality fiction".

In an op-ed piece in a newspaper in Texas, (the Austin American-Statesman), Sgt. Nathan Todd gave us his perspective yesterday. Read it.

By the way, if you want to read the "official" news of what's being accomplished, tune in to


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