Thursday, October 16, 2003


I must admit that I've been an Eagles fan since, well, they first started making music.

We saw them last night in concert, and I'd have to rate it as probably the best concert I've ever seen. For those who know me, and the number of concerts I've seen in my life, that's saying something.

It's not that they are a group of guys my age who can shame younger "superstars" with their music. It's not that their music is so varied and all of it is high quality. It's not that each of them is a spectacular musician.

It's that they have flexible egos. Whaa?

OK. Name any other group whose members have been together as long, who each has had a successful solo career, who still make music together, and who perform their group's music and all of their solo act music in their concerts.

It's like getting five concerts in one.

And since Cleveland is Joe Walsh's hometown from a music standpoint, the rest of the guys stepped back a step and allowed Joe to open up a can of good old fashioned whooopass rock 'n roll. It was a flashback to the early 70's and the audience just went nuts.

OK, I'll stop. But if you like music, and you don't go to very many concerts (I don't anymore), see these guys when they come to town. It's worth the price.

This is one group that is on my very short list (along with Santana and Dave Matthews) and I hope they keep on jammin.


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