Wednesday, October 08, 2003


OK, OK. Wishful thinking.

Forgot to link to this post yesterday from Aussie Tim Blair. Tim does a great job of fisking Michael Moore's "seven questions". Don't know about Michael's questions?

You see, he believes that the Bush family and the bin Laden family are good buds. You know, it's the oil connection. And that, post-September 11, Bush aided the bin Ladens. And he intends on producing a movie (in his pseudo-documentary style, no doubt) about this theory.

So, he has seven questions he wants Bush to answer. Of course, none are open ended, all are leading and all (as they say in court) "assume facts not in evidence".

In short, Mikey is really out there on this one but, as I've said before, the best tactic with guys like Moore is to put a mike in his hand and push him out on stage. The more you see this guy, the more you realize what a loon he is.

The best thing that could happen is for ABC to sign him up for a new reality show of his choosing. A "Michael Moore version of K Street" would be perfect. Yeah, that's the ticket. He needs more air time.


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