Tuesday, October 07, 2003


Do you? You may not, but once you read about them, the "light bulb" in our head will go off. You may not know any personally, but you see them every day on TV.

Steve Den Beste writes a very inciteful piece today on transnational progressivism (its true believers referred to as "Tranzis"). I think they are a far greater threat to the traditional concepts of democracy and capitalism than communism could ever hoped to have been. They are already here and they already have power and influence, and they have a strong, almost dominant voice in Europe.

If you're confused about politics and where people stand, what they believe in, and why, this post of Steve's will help you understand.

This isn't idle politics. This isn't going away anytime soon. This "movement" has power because it had eight solid years of Clinton to bolster its foundation, providing a launchpad for the furtherance of its ideals.


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