Thursday, October 02, 2003


Not really, but when you can abuse statistics to "prove" your point of view, do it! At least that is what has happened the past couple of days when a lead piece in virtually every news source has talked to the "decrease in the number of Americans with health insurance."

I was suspicious of this story and, finally, someone with more time than I have to research it has uncovered the truth.

As he says in this post: It is also worth noting that the percentage of those without coverage rose almost every year of the Clinton Administration, reaching 16.3 percent in 1998. I don't recall this news making page one, as today's did.

Also, in a somewhat related story, Bruce Bartlett explodes the myth behind the reported increase in the number of those living in "poverty" (even though they own TVs, VCRs, PCs, microwaves and dishwashers, AND they own their home free and clear). It's all in the "statistics".


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