Monday, October 06, 2003


To paraphrase Henry Higgins, "by jove, I think he's got it!"

Read this article and you walk away with a strong, singular impression -- Arnold gets it, and the people in California love him.

He has masterfully created an image as a guy who owes no one (other than the people who vote for him) a damn thing. He's rich. He's powerful. "Political interest groups" are on the outside, looking in, because he doesn't take their money. And, for sure, he ain't no friggin' bureaucrat.

In other words, he's the anti-Davis/Bustamante.

Better yet, he's busted through the strong perception that having "skeletons" in your closet prevents a capable person from running for public office. Perhaps the experience of Clinton and now Arnold will exorcize those demons from our previous national obsession with finding the perfect candidate. Now, the person who could be the best governor (or President) might not have to worry about the fact they smoked dope, committed adultery, and cheated on their freshman lit final. That just makes them seem all the more "normal" in a world of hypocrites.

The real payoff could be next year and 2006, when Governor Arnold might lead other Republicans who are similar in philosophy to completely re-mold the political landscape in California. Not only could he help deliver up California's crucial electoral votes to Bush, but he could help defeat vermin like Barbara Boxer (up for re-election next year) and Dianne Feinstein (unfortunately, not up for re-election until 2006), and be a lightning rod at the state level, where the legislature is still predominately Democrat. One can only hope.

The champagne corks haven't been popped, but all the last-minute ambushes don't seem to have stopped the juggernaut. If anything, they have further weakened the weakening credibility of the Los Angeles Times and the "moonbat" supporters of Davis/Bustamante.

Assuming Arnold is the winner, I will patiently await what will undoubtedly be a series of legal efforts to try to invalidate the election. The real acid test as to whether the Democrats accept the new reality is whether they accept the will of the people or (as they have with Bush) choose to ignore it and litigate, where they will lose and then continue to claim the new Governor is "illegitimate".

Get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow will be an interesting news event.

One last thing -- also assuming Arnold wins -- I hope he uses his acceptance speech as an opportunity to deliver a substantive message that has both depth and breadth. If he can do that, and (choke) appear to be somewhat humble, he will have a future in national politics. Can you spell "the new Ronald Reagan"?


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