Saturday, October 04, 2003


In case you missed it, at the "Arnold is a total Nazi scumbag who hates women" rally yesterday in Los Angeles, one of the organizers of the event finally spoke the real truth.

It has been obvious to many that the accusations against Arnold are pretty much the same as the accusations against Bill Clinton, except with less proof and more anonymity. In other words, it seemed to make the liberal protesters just a little hypocritical.

Well, finally, one of them spoke what most non-liberals believe about the elitism of liberals. Though she admitted Arnold's indisretions were as "inexcusable" as Clinton's, her rationale for skewering Arnold was:

The difference is that Clinton was so brilliant.

So, finally, one of them admits it in public. Liberals, especially of the Bill Clinton variety (and those with last names beginning with Kennedy), should be given a free ride through life because they are smarter than those horrible conservatives.

This lady deserves a medal.


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