Monday, October 06, 2003


Who doesn't hate telemarketing calls? I used to answer every one and waste the callers' time, letting them deliver a long sales pitch, asking a lot of questions, acting interested, asking them to repeat things a few times, only to say no. Wasting their time was my revenge for them wasting mine.

That was when I got one call every week or two. But that changed a couple of years ago when the intensity began to increase dramatically.

For the past few months, our home phone lines have received an average 10 telemarketing calls a day. I know because, with caller ID, we don't answer any call which is ID'd as a telemarketer or comes up "Unknown Number". So I can check the caller ID log and easily see all the failed attempts to make contact.

I bought a TeleZapper when they first came out and, initially, it was effective but it appears many auto-dialers have been programmed to recognize a TeleZapper. It stopped being effective a couple of months ago.

So I registered our phone numbers with the FTC on their "Do Not Call" list. In case you missed it, the list was to become effective October 1 but, technically, it has been blocked by the courts pending appeals. However, the telemarketing groups encouraged their members to abide by the list or risk violating the law if it is upheld in the courts.

Well, guess what? It appears they've done it. Since October 1st, we have received exactly ZERO telemarketing calls. One can only hope this will continue.


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