Wednesday, October 01, 2003


I'm sure you don't know who Bill Whittle is, unless you've been to his website on a few occasions. Bill appears to be just a normal guy, but he has struck a chord with many through the essays he's written over the past few months.

Bill's most recent essay - POWER - is up on his website now. It's a highly recommended, though lengthy, read.

If reading on the little screen is a strain and you're trying to save printer ink/toner, hang on for awhile because these will all wind up in a book not too far down the road.

And speaking of roads, Whittle will be taking his act on one, as he has signed up to travel the country, speaking his essays. A sort of latter day Mark Twain, maybe more like Spalding Gray -- don't know Spalding? If not, read or rent Swimming to Cambodia and you'll get an idea what Bill may do.


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