Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Did you see K Street?

It's a new HBO show that is described as "reality fiction" that is centered on a PR/political consulting firm that has three actors and three non-actors (James Carville, Mary Matalin and Michael Deaver playing themselves) as the partners in the firm.

The first show was funny, but a little bizarre. The core story was Carville agreeing to do debate prep for Howard Dean without telling his other partners about it.

The funniest part was Carville feeding Dean a line to use in the most recent Democrats' debate that Dean actually used in the real debate. The embarrassing thing for Dean (in my opinion) was for the world to then find out his "snappy one-liner" was actually a line of dialogue in this show that was written by Carville. Made Dean look like he could easily play the role of a "got a political consultant's hand up my butt" puppet.

And in the debate prep itself, Paul Begala asked Dean a question that Dean really couldn't answer well enough to score points in a high school debate. In my opinion, the show made Dean look a bit naive and easily-manipulable. And a crappy joke-teller.

Gee, why would they want to do that? To make Dean look bad? --- or Hillary look better? After all, some of the key players in this show were Clintonites.

But I still liked it. They're fun to watch.


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