Thursday, September 04, 2003


OK -- this isn't a civics lesson. But it is still clear that the "average American" distances themselves from just about anything that politicians say or do. They just don't give a rat's ass.

Many of us fret about words, speeches, appearances by elected leaders and those attempting to be elected leaders, as if it all mattered.

And then along comes reality . . . the most recent CBS poll of voters shows two-thirds of voters can't name one Democrat currently running for president. Guess I should stop worrying about the Nine Dwarfs. If this is any measure of voter interest, they're toast.

And the buzz is that Hillary has pretty much bailed on the idea of running for president, which is a crystal clear signal shes expects Bush to win. She can campaign in 2008 against whoever the Republicans decide to nominate. This compares to the horror (for her) of another Democrat beating Bush. If that were to happen, she might be frozen out until 2016, when she'd be (gasp!) 70 years old and seen as "too old for the job".

The question now is how hard will she campaign for the Democrat's nominee. I suspect it will be just hard enough to make sure she isn't criticized for lack of support, but not so hard that she actually helps them win.


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