Thursday, September 25, 2003


Many have said that we should not condemn Islam because of Islamist fanatics. All religions have their extremists who use the end to justify the means. Why treat Muslims any differently from Christians, Jews or Buddhists?

So why haven't we heard more moderate Islamic voices? We certainly hear many different voices from the other major religious groups.

Daniel Pipes provides at least one possible answer. Simply, many who publicly espouse a more moderate form of Islam are treated to scorn, ridicule and threats of death. And they are never really heard in the media. Pipes believes this could be dealt with more effectively if they are permitted to be heard and provided with the same support as the Islamists.

My take is this is a noble ideal, but until the media focuses on moderate Islamic voices (rather than sticking a minicam in the face of every Islamist on the planet), world opinion will continue to see Islam as the religion of terror.


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