Friday, September 26, 2003


I've said it before. I'll say it again.

The best debate we could ever expect to see among Presidential candidates would be one moderated by Victor Davis Hanson. I'd give up my right to vote in the next election just to hear him grill someone like Wesley Clark or Howard Dean or, especially, Hillary R. Clinton.

Oh well, wishful thinking.

But at least you get to find out every week what Hanson really thinks. Today is no exception. A couple of quotes:

The Iraqi people are sensing one party is blowing up its pipelines and roads, and one is protecting and rebuilding them. That is why even in the middle of postbellum chaos, in a recent Gallup poll almost 70 percent of Iraqis thought things were far better now than under Saddam. For all the media hysteria, the American people will accept that in history's terrible arithmetic of conflict, the United States achieved an historic victory at an historic minimum of lives lost — and improved both its own security and gave hope for 50 million in the Middle East.

We never did like going it alone in Iraq, but there is also a growing sense by both supporters and critics here that we are in essence going it alone nonetheless — and won't stop until the democratic reconstruction of Iraq is complete. For France and Germany — who gave no material or military support, but offered much overt hostility — there grows the realization that when we are done in Iraq, we might be in a sense done with both of them as well — a liberating, not a depressing, thought for millions of Americans. Demographic problems, statism, anti-democratic trends of the EU, failure to assimilate immigrants, pacifism and a disarmed continent, and intellectual bankruptcy and Pavlovian anti-Americanism among an elite — all that and more will be for them to handle in the decades to come.



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