Tuesday, August 26, 2003


More and more it's becoming obvious to me that three things happened beginning with the US deployment of troops to Kuwait last spring:

1. The Iraqi leadership tried to use the French and Russians to prevent the invasion, but planned for their own safety at the expense of their country. They should have planned for assylum in one of the countries that offered it, but they didn't.

2. The Iraqi military had no intention of pressing the offense button. They played defender for awhile and then ran home. They should have run home earlier.

3. Islamic extremists flowed into Iraq by the thousands to be able to kill Americans.

It is obvious to me that the Iraqis would like for everybody to "go home" -- not just the Americans and Brits, but the Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, et. al. Because now, the Iraqis just want to try to figure out how to coexist with each other. But the Islamic extremists want to kill Americans and, now, they are blowing up Iraqi civilians.

The "war in Iraq" is no longer a war between the coalition and the Iraqis.

Islamic extremism cannot allow Iraq to become a democracy. If it does, it will be a powerful "first domino" that can't help but destabilize Iran and Syria and Egypt. In Jed Babbin's column today, he makes the case that we need to stay the course so that all the dominoes topple.


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