Monday, August 11, 2003


Ever since the invasion of Iraq, the cynicism of the American public regarding the media has grown. No one trusts anything they hear, and only half of what they see, because it's been shown time and again that the media tells their story, not the story. We want the true, whether it's good, bad or ugly.

But one thing is very different in Iraq and that is the phenomenon called the Internet. Now, a soldier in a tent in Nowhere, Iraq, has access to the Internet on an almost-daily basis and can send e-mail home instead of letters.

Almost weekly I see "letters from Iraq" and they are treated like a news event. They get passed around in e-mail daisy chains and I am cynical enough to believe they might have been written by some dweeb sitting in his bedroom in Joplin, Missouri. Some sound just too cute, or just to perfect, especially when it comes to the "punchline" -- like the one written by a soldier who called out a French soldier (who wimped out on the offer to fight), and then you find out the writer was female. Very funny, but probably untrue.

So, with that rant behind me, here's another one "from the front". Despite the official-looking nature of this one, it could be bogus, too. But it's worth reading.


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