Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Every month or so, Bill Whittle pen's an essay. His newest is now available. It's called Responsibility and is worth reading for many reasons.

A taste of the essay:

Political Correctness, Deconstructionism, Trans-National Progressivism, Liability mania, Crime and Punishment, Terrorism, Welfare, Gun Control, Media Bias, Affirmative Action, Abortion, Education Reform, Social Engineering – all of it – will divide people according to their idea of Responsibility.

In it, he coins a new acronym to be used instead of the word Democrat (as in a member of the Democratic Party). The word is DIMWIT (Democrats Intentionally Misusing Words to Invert the Truth). I like it. I may use it. I won't misuse it. After all, not all Democrats are not DIMWITs. You get the idea . . .


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