Wednesday, August 06, 2003


The ongoing debate about global warming is enough to make you nuts.

Almost all of the "science" that purportedly shows evidence of "warming" has been discredited by multiple sources. Of course, the proponents of imposing limits on industrial growth are always conveniently there as the "protectors of the environment", touting studies they funded that, surprise, forecast that Florida will be underwater within the next couple of generations.

Remember the "ozone hole"? Haven't heard much about that one lately, have you. Do you know why? Gee, it's because it never happened. Turns out the NASA data that was used to forecast it was "a gross exaggeration".

So, OK, let's forget about the ozone hole, arsenic and alar (remember that one?). Let's just keep repeating the "global warming" mantra until the next ice age.


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