Thursday, August 07, 2003


James Carville, that "right twice a day" kind of guy, still seems to have an effect on the Dimocrats running for the Dem Pres nomination (a/k/a the nine dwarfs). Most of what you hear from them (that isn't pure Bush-hate) relates to the economy and how crappy it is.

However, unlike the Clinton strategy of polling the public first (and discovering in 1992 that "it was the economy") and then spinning it to their advantage, the Dims seem to still be stuck in the "economy" mantra, hoping like hell the economy does tank.

Problem with that strategy is, regardless of our successes in Afghanistan and Iraq, "security" is and will be the numero uno concern.

A stronger economy will not make us feel safer. Full employment will not make us feel safer. 5%, 30 year fixed-rate home mortgages won't make us feel safer. More comfortable, maybe. But not safer.

Stopping terrorists before they attack will make us feel safer. If the Dims want to be taken seriously, at least one of them has to start talking about this, or their results at the ballot box will be about the same as Ben Affleck and J-Lo's results at the box office.


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