Thursday, August 14, 2003


Anyway, thank's to Steve Den Beste, I now have it.

"It" is a terrific article written by Karl Zinsmeister.

It was published late last year and it summarizes (OK, lengthily summarizes) the state of affairs between the US and Europe. Two words: not good. But then you already knew that, didn't you?

Anyway, read it for the details. Here's a tidbit:

The panel on which I spoke was chaired by Reiner Pommerin, a professor at the University of Dresden, colonel in the German air force reserves, and advisor to the German Ministry of Defense. My fellow speakers included Germany's former ambassador to the U.K., the current German ambassador to Poland, a DaimlerChrysler managing director, and a professor from Britain. We were to focus on transatlantic relations.

Throughout the two days, Pommerin set the tone with an aggressively antagonistic attitude toward all things American. "Thank God we had the 11th of September," he declared--for this showed the U.S. how it feels to be humbled. Herr professor-colonel went on to suggest that Americans often feel nostalgic for the "good old days of slavery in the nineteenth century." He told ludicrous stories about seeing empty bottles and litter piled "one meter deep" along roadsides in America, illustrating our environmental slovenliness. He insisted the seemingly mighty U.S. military was now a hollow force, all flash and no substance.


Zinsmeister doesn't end on a positive note, either. And I believe he's right.

Don't expect any European governments to say, "gee, we're sorry about 9/11, you were right about Iraq, how can we help?" Our relations with them will not get better anytime soon. Get used to it.


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