Thursday, August 14, 2003


In case you've been in a cave without cable TV for the past month or so, you missed New York City announcing the opening of a gay high school.

There is a thread of common sense in this action -- openly (and not so openly) gay students are routinely harrassed in public and private schools. So why not allow them to go to school in peace?

Two problems:

1. It's almost certainly illegal. After all, you could make the same argument about any ethnic minority. Why not an African-American only school? Oops, that is illegal. So how can a gay school be legal?

2. How do you know they're gay? Since this school will be much smaller than other public schools, it will probably offer up a better education than the average school. What's to prevent a straight student (who wants a better education) from saying "I'm gay"? Sure, you might be "outed" by the gay students at some point, but how do you prove it one way or the other?

Like I said, it sounds at first blush like a noble idea, but after 30 seconds of thought, it isn't.


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