Friday, July 18, 2003


If you google around a bit, you will find a lot of musings over the past couple of years (strengthened by Australia's commitment to the US efforts in Iraq) about whether Australia should become the 51st state. Anyone who's ever been there (I've been lucky enough to do so on three occasions over the past 20 years) would agree. The Aussies are fun-loving, hard-working, no-nonsense folks with a strong sense of fair play. It's very "midwestern" in its values, but it has California weather. What's not to like?

OK, now you have California, which is slowly evolving into something that is much closer to being European in its style, politics and values. I've lived there four times (yes, I know, why did I keeping going back?) and I've seen it degenerate into its current state since I first moved there in 1971. It has just become adrift from the rest of the US in many ways.

So here's my proposal: trade California for Australia. I know, I know. California on its own would be the world's 5th largest economy, and Australia isn't. But I think we could afford the hit.

Imagine how it would change the American political landscape if politicians like Barbara Boxer and Maxine Waters were evicted from the US Congress.

Maybe Victor Davis Hanson's concept (Mexifornia) could see reality. Mexifornia could become part of NAFTA and it would be responsible for funding the border security between itself and Mexico (and the US). And it would have to fund 100% (as in "you and I aren't paying for it") the illegal immigration and social infrastructure debacle that is killing the state already.

Think about it . . .

Who knows? After a couple of generations of "independence", Mexifornia could become the 52nd state.

Or not . . .


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