Thursday, July 24, 2003


It almost makes you want to go postal. I'm fairly sure I will at least throw a soft furry creature at the TV the next time some dim bulb numb nuts tries to make the "another Viet Nam" analogy when they talk about Iraq.

Let's see, if this were Viet Nam:

1) Saddam Hussein would be interviewed weekly by CNN and the BBC.
2) Iraq's army would still be fighting, and occasionally winning.
3) None of the "deck of 52" would be dead or under arrest.
4) The Iraqis would be getting substantial military hardware from the Chinese and Russians (and Syrians, Iranians, et. al.).
5) Instead of 1 or 2 KIAs a day, we'd be getting a C141 full of transfer cases (about 100) each week. In other words, by now there would be about 1,700 or 1,800 dead, so far.
6) There would be random CNN stories about how US POWs were being treated.
7) We would never have taken Baghdad.
8) We would never have targeted the Husseins or any other high-ranking official.
9) Etc., etc.

Viet Nam??? Get a grip.

Actually, this is a lot closer to being "another Germany" than "another Viet Nam".

Huh? But how is it similar to Germany?

After WW II was officially over, there were guerilla groups in Germany that took every opportunity to try to disrupt the occupation forces and the efforts to rebuild Germany. The best known group was called the Werewolves. They were organized just before the end of the war and continued on for awhile, hoping for an uprising by the German people. Problem was they were all zealots, "true believers", and they just didn't get that the German people had enough of Hitler and the Nazi party and they just wanted it to be over so they could get back to their lives again. So the Werewolves just faded away.

If you want to read more about the Werewolves, there's a book called The Last Nazis you might enjoy.


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