Wednesday, June 25, 2003


As the Euro-babble goes, genetically altered crops must be bad/evil/not to be trusted inside our borders. Why? Uh, you know, like they might be bad for you or something.

As long as I can remember, when you'd drive through the countryside in the US, you'd see the signs. Remember them? A big yellow ear of corn with the word "hybrid" on it. And for longer than that, we've grown and consumed genetically-engineered crops. If we didn't, we'd be far less productive and would spend a whole lot more on fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

What seems to have everyone all twitchy is you can make genetic alterations at the gene level rather than by simple cross-breeding (more cumbersome, but scientifically no different). Why is that a big deal? Gee -- think it could be that virtually all the research and use of genetically-altered crops has occured here and not there?

What's even more insidious is that the Euros have brow-beat the African countries into accepting the Euro standard since the Africans couldn't export any of their surplus to the Euro-weenies. Who knows how many fewer Africans would be starving to death this year if they could use some of the super-seeds.


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