Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Or so you'd think if you buy the party line from a number of groups, such as the NAACP, Urban League, et. al. Check out this recent article for more background.

What does this mean? These groups have a problem with the fact that the vast majority of recent immigrants "of color" do not really feel they are broadly discriminated against. Further, every study I've ever seen has shown that recent Hispanic and African immigrants prosper and feel, generally, that they are treated no differently from anyone else.

However, the NAACP and other groups are now doing their best to "educate" these immigrants to the fact that the evil discrimination is still rampant.

I'm not sure I know how to react. On one level, it's absolutely frickin' hilarious. In the article above is a great quote from a somewhat misguided soul:

At a conference in Miami recently, panelist Beverlye Colson Neal learned that many Hispanic immigrants did not seek citizenship, only residency. "They don't care about voting and making life better; they just want to make plenty of money and send it back home, or whatever," she said.

I guess the point these groups want to make is the newest wave of immigrants should stop attending college while working two jobs, stop working 16 hour days and making so much money, and for sure stop worrying about making enough to send money "back home".

What they need to do is to start taking the time to complain about how they're being held back.

Oh. My. God.


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