Friday, May 30, 2003


Since I almost never watch 60 Minutes out of principle, I never got to see the "point-counterpoint" thing with Bob Dole and Bill Clinton.

I never thought it would last.

But I was surprised that at least one of them -- in this case, Dole -- decided to not take this little mini-farce too seriously.

Read this funny column from the New York Post, which I've copied below since it is short and sweet.

May 30, 2003 -- THE searing wit of Bob Dole sent Bill Clinton running.

When the duo learned that their "60 Minutes" debate series was in jeopardy of being canceled, Dole proposed they tackle the subject on-air. Clinton was at first intrigued by the idea, but backed out when he received Dole's first salvo in the proposed exchange.

"Look, this is a crisis," Dole would have said, according to a script obtained by PAGE SIX. "I know, before when you had a crisis, you just bombed Saddam Hussein or let Newt Gingrich get near a reporter. But they're both retired. What are we going to do?" Dole continued: "How about this: Use the next 45 seconds to do something totally new. Admit you made even one mistake in office. If you have time left over, just plug Hillary's book."

A rep for Clinton tells us, "It's a funny script, but with only two shows left in our CBS commitment, the president wanted to focus on the future of the country, not the future of this segment."

Yeah, right . . . future of the country . . . gutless wimp.


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