Tuesday, April 15, 2003


OK -- the voting is in. OK, I was the only one who voted, so shoot me.

The weapon of the war had to be the "concrete bomb".

For those who missed it, someone came up with one of those "American-only" type of ideas. It was an answer to the question, how do we keep from killing someone who's standing next to a tank (or airplane) if all we want to do is kill the tank (or airplane)?

Answer: take a normal bomb casing, fill it with concrete, clamp control fins and a GPS or laser unit on the puppy and 'presto' -- a 1,000 pound, targetable bullet. And it has to cost thousands less than one with high-tech explosives in it, and it's way less dangerous to handle on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

Think about how big of a hole a 1,000 pound bullet going about 1,500 feet per second (they're suppopsed to reach about Mach 1.4 just before impact) could make in just about anything.

Of course, if we hadn't talked about it, CNN would be reporting about the "unexploded" bombs all over the place and how dangerous they were to Iraqi civilians.


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