Thursday, April 17, 2003

No, not a great name for a garage band, it's our ex-pres and the dwarfs who're running for the "Dem Pres 2004" nomination.

I've been monitoring what Slick Willie has said the past few weeks. He's horribly conflicted. Being a Southern Democrat, he is by nature more militaristic than say, Teddy Kennedy. And he's occasionally been saying he "supports the President and the troops". Yeah, motherhood, apple pie, yada yada.

Truth is, he's just suffering a hideous case of "testicle envy". Bush has two big ones, he doesn't. Bush did what Willie's "southern" side said he should've done (kick ass, take names), but probably got talked out of it by Hillary and the northern lib's on his staff.

But Bill isn't the one who has me pissed off. Not by a long shot. The governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, said last week "(w)e've gotten rid of [Saddam Hussein] and I suppose that's a good thing".

I SUPPOSE THAT'S A GOOD THING????? What the hell?! Like if we cured cancer, would he suppose that was a good thing? If he winds up as the Dem Pres 2004 candidate next year, that speech, played over and over again, should be the only commercial the Republicans have to use.


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